Links - other modalities

Note: this page has had no updates for 3 years therefore it is likely to be out of date

Mentioned below are those that I know who teach, starting with people in south-west England.
I've also included people who teach bodywork practices that have influenced me (and others in this area): making this, at the moment, a personal list.

A couple of links are to websites that have not been updated (probably the downside of an over-reliance on a particular social network site!)
Robert Moore

Music-Led Movement & Dance  - Robert Moore's unled dance space on Sunday mornings - outside!

5 Rhythms Monday mornings in South Brent with Kay - (no website link) 07807 292 289 for further info.

Movement Medicine - Rosie Perks - offering local ongoing groups, weekends and longer workshops

Soul Motion - Leela Fisk / Adam Griffin classes in Totnes on Friday evenings

Conscious Dance - Jo Hardy now teaching internationally with some Monday evening classes in Totnes

Barefoot Dance - Exeter-based — Wednesday evening dances that alternate between peer-led and guest teachers - Currently online

Kirsty Hurd-Thomas - Shiatsu. A member of the Totnes Dance Collective Steering Circle, Her Shaitsu website

Christian de Sousa Devon & London classes - link

Contact Improvisation - Tuesday evenings in Devon - see this link

Dance in Devon - based in Dartington Devon, working county-wide. Website sometimes lists 'conscious dance' events

The School of Experiential Learning [tSOEL] - Rosalyn Maynard - Somatic-based bodywork  - link

Birthing Your Life - Cherionna Menzam-Sills - somatic-based work with classes in Devon - link

LifeWorks Somatics / Feldenkrais Method with Nikhila Ludlow - link

A Call To Dance - a weekly 5 Rhythms dance in north London (Tufnell Park) and other events offered by Sue Rickards

Movement of Being: the work of Fanny Behrens and Colin Harrison


Soulwave / Julie Rose  Cornwall classes (no further information)