The Collective

The Totnes Dance Collective was formed in 2015 in response to the departure of Jo Hardy, the popular 5Rhythms® teacher who had nurtured, for over a decade, an incredibly loyal and active community of dancers in this area of south Devon. Jo still teaches locally and is part of the Collective

On Monday nights we have eight local teachers/facilitators offering different practices, 5Rhythms®, Conscious DanceMovement Medicine, Soul Motion, Music-Led, Open Floor. 

Each teacher/facilitator is highly experienced, passionate about what they do and loves living close to Totnes where there is so much enthusiasm and curiosity for movement practice. This growing, changing community is so alive and thirsty for events that the Totnes Dance Collective has been able to draw superb guest teachers including the co-founders of Movement Medicine from Devon and faculty members of Soul Motion from the USA.

A dance is held every Monday night at Totnes Civic Hall almost without exception all year round. The dance community is beautifully eclectic in its age, variety, ability and experience of conscious dance. New dancers are welcomed every week and the dedication of volunteers and long-standing teachers is testiment to the incredibly positive feeling generated by dancing together. Most people discover that however tired or grumpy they feel when they arrive, they invariably leave feeling uplifted, connected and peaceful.

Every Monday night you can expect anything between 20-50+ fellow dancers finding their own way, sometimes interacting, sometimes solitary. The space allows for a wide spectrum of movement and stillness as well as emotion. All things are received with acceptance and spaciousness, no matter how lively the room may feel.

If you'd like to support and participate in this unique collective by offering your services on the door or in creating one of our 'altered spaces' then we'd love to hear from you.

The Totnes Dance Collective is organised by 7 people who form the Steering Circle: this is comprised of 4 dancers and 3 teachers/holders of the evenings. Between them, decisions are made at the meetings held every two months.
If you need to contact the Steering Circle please email the address shown below [ 'info" plus the website address ]

Members of the Steering Circle are:
AmbムLucy Chenery, Kirsty Hurd-Thomas, Mark Sheridan, Michael Brown, Hamid van Koten, Rosie Perks, Robert Moore