Hamid van Koten

Early in his life Hamid became aware of the liberation and ecstasy that dance and movement can offer. In his early twenties he embraced and led Sufi practices and for 10 years studied with a Sufi master from Turkey so deepending his spiritual understanding of life. He started dancing 5 Rhythms® more than 20 years ago and inspired by the accessibility of this practice he did the training with Gabrielle Roth to become a 5Rhythms® facilitator.

Hamid incorporates this long lasting affair with Sufi devotional practices into his teachings of the 5Rhythms® and weaves together the stillness of meditation with the stories of loving, lyrical trance and tribal connections

Hamid has facilitated many groups and individuals on their journeys in life. He works as an eco-designer and he was a teacher, director and consultant in Universities, as well as with the Transition Towns Movement and at the Findhorn Foundation. Hamid and family live in an intentional community near Totnes - together they grow food, sing and dance.

"I love dancing the 5Rhythms® - they open a gateway to the heart where Love can truly flow. Lost in the dance I rediscover myself and my place and presence in the greater universe. By dancing the Rhythms we dissolve the separations between ourselves and others, our community and our environment. For millenia people have moved together to reach this place because here a greater healing can occur." Hamid

"The gentle, secure, creative holding of Hamid's facilitation allows me to rest in my dance, letting go of expectation and allowing what is to emerge." Karen