Kay Chambers

Kay is a both a dedicated student and teacher of the 5Rhythms®, She discovered them in 1990 with teachers Kaefan & Amanda Shaw and danced with them over 2 years. It felt like a homecoming and she knew that this was how she wanted to work. She went on to study with Gabrielle Roth, Susannah & Ya’Acov Darling Kahn over the following 15 years and also cultivated her own regular practice.

She completed her training with Gabrielle Roth in 2001.

Since she was a child, Kay found spontaneous dancing and movement to be her medicine. It was the one form of expression that fed her. Disco & Soul kicked started her off into dance. Whenever she danced she could feel how she came to life and this has continued throughout her life.

Kay is a mother, a surrogate grandmother and she has 30 years experience of working as a doula. She is an artist, a maker, a DJ, a potter, a sailor and she is currently studying with The Sacred Trust. Kay and her husband have a home in Dartington. She has a love of the land where she lives in Devon.

Kay brings compassion and wisdom to her practice and teaching. Having spent her life in deep enquiry, her youthful spirit is forever amazed at the unfolding mystery of what it is to be human. She has a beautiful ability to receive whatever emerges on the dance floor and creates a safe space for dancers to surrender and unfold. She weaves love, guidance and music together, encouraging people to let go and trust in the mystery of themselves. She encourages dancers to stay present to the vast array of landscapes found within, helping them to find the effortless support of the breath in their movement.

"I’m really interested in exploring how to move away from the linear and the symmetrical, something which is so dominant in this culture, including in many exercise and dance classes. It ends up that people are so often trying to get somewhere, and feel they need to become something else. I like to see if we can find a deeper vibration and follow the thread of that to show us what is beneath, to see if we can find a way to learn to follow energy and allow the body to lead, revealing what has never been listened to. It is such unexplored territory.

I encourage people to receive themselves as they are, to listen to their breath, to soften their spine, to drop down into themselves, to let go to the earth and really rest in the self. It is then they find some ease and can access acceptance and compassion for themselves. 
I love it when I see people feeling the power of what is going on for them, when they surrender into the dance, supported by the music, when there is an undoing and no longer any effort. It’s like an elixir. Something else takes over. Perhaps it’s connection, the breath or the spirit of the dance." Kay
"I really love Kay’s sensitivity and gentle guidance in the dance practice. Sometimes I am filled with joy and delight, other times I am struggling with demons. I move in and out of many different physical and emotional states. Through all this, Kay’s music, and her guiding voice invite me to let go into what is. Kay honors the true spirit of five rhythms; she makes the dance a profoundly transformative meditation practice."  Marta Emmitt