Christian de Sousa


Dancing for me began as a clandestine activity in my bedroom as a teenager, lighting me up until I discovered the twin movement pathways of raving and Tai Chi. Coming across the 5Rhythms in 1998, I felt like I had come home. I learned the practice intensively with Gabrielle Roth, Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan and several other teachers, eventually training with Gabrielle in 2004-05. I was then involved in Movement Medicine from its inception by Y&S, working and teaching as a Pathfinder, guest teacher and core Faculty for the School of Movement Medicine.

For 15 years I held a large drop-in class in a church in south London called Sweaty Thursdays, which became something of a seminal cultural phenomenon, spawning a large and vibrant movement community in London and beyond. This was the ground for the emergence of the dancingTao collective, which I led and which grew and developed in the decade to 2020, offering classes, workshops, immersions, reach-out work and other dance-based creative projects such as the Ecstasy Radio podcast, Rhythm Village festival, the eco-activist Earthdreamers collective and the international All In Movement project working with conscious dance and social inclusion.

I was born in Switzerland of mixed European ancestry and have lived in England most of my life, teaching across Europe, mainly in larger cities. I'm also a DJ, photographic artist, radio broadcaster, Dad and occasional activist.
As well as 5Rs and MM, I have studied Amerta (the movement work of Suprapto Suyodarmo, aka Prapto) Processwork/Worldwork, Taoism and various threads of shamanic/animist practice (with Malidoma Somé, Chris Luttichau and Daniel Foor amongst others)

With the situation around the Covid pandemic, I stepped back from teaching and travelling for a year+ of deep review, enquiry and renewal, which led to a variety of new movement and art offerings under the name of Glimpses of Light.
For dancers who practice at home I offer a subscription service of guided practice and DJ mixes, called Dancefloor Jedi:
For dancers and music lovers I offer a monthly live ‘deep radio’ DJ session once a month called Transmission:

Hope to connect with you on a dancefloor or across the airwaves…