How to get involved?

 There are several ways to be involved in the collective and we always love hearing from the community - that's you!

How to get involved as a dancer

The collective has a rota of volunteers for various tasks. These tasks include:

  • Greeting people at the door on a Monday night [not needed at this time]
  • Preparing the hall, sweeping the floor and packing away at the end of the night [not needed at this time]
  • Creating one of our gorgeous 'altered spaces' (something between an altar and an art installation!)
  • Setting up the sound system and packing it away at the end [covered at this time]

There is a helper rota currently organised by Stephanie Pickerill — contact her if you'd like to be involved. Please be aware there's no guarantee you'll be needed immediately but having your name on the list is a great first step.

If you are new to events we put on, we would love to have your feedback as to how you found the evening.
If you've been a few times and notice something that you'd like us to know about we'd love to hear from you too.

If you have skills to offer which you feel may be of benefit to the management, preparation or running of our Monday nights then we're always happy to hear suggestions: email us through the address below: