Conscious Dance with Jo Hardy

We are all born with the freedom to dance. This dance is innate but can go underground, obscured by the 'stuff' of life. Through allowing our body to dance our dance, to move as it is called, we can open more to the juice, creativity, vitality, love that is inherent in our nature; the alchemical magic of the dance gently dissolves the veil allowing us to reclaim our birthright.

We dance to wake up to our love and freedom, power and ecstasy, graitude and acceptance, playfulness and sensuality. We dance because the body loves to, we sweat, we discover moves we never knew we could make. We learn to witness and get curious about the unique, wacky and particular way the Dance of Life dances through each one of us. Through the dance we get the aroma of the interconnectedness of all life and we drop deeper into the Mystery.