Music-Led Movement & Dance

Dance is not a fact, it is a process and interaction. There is no definitive style and there is never any end to the story.

How is Music-Led different to teacher-led dance?

Music-Led logoMusic-Led Dance events are a seamless flow of track into track to provide a soundscape to move to. Each evening's energy has a way it wants to move outside of any music presented: my aim is to guide that movement through music.

The materiality of the body is animated by the invisible aspect of our existence. I feel only to provide the space for individual's own enquiry to take place within their inner silence. I do not use words to guide. I offer no road map of movement or dance. I attempt to respond as best I can to the mood I sense in the room. The evenings that I hold, whether alone or with a musician, are a dance/movement practive evening; a time for the teaching of the other Totnes Dance Collective teachers to be put into practice.

Having the freedom of no direction can be daunting, especially when taking one's first steps into this world of embodied dance. Taking a moment to pause, reflect and listen, away from the noise of everyday life can be immensely nourishing. This dance space, supported and aided by music, as well as from others engaged in this practice, allows you to step out of your day-to-day existence and touch what could be overlooked, waiting to be heard.

What is Music-Led Live! ?

I hold weekly Music-Led Dance events
Music-Led Live! is a collaboration with musicians: this is currently on pause.
In the past I've collaborated with Fran André on cello, with pianist Beth Coombs combines recorded tracks with solo live piano. More recently I collaborated with Jessica Joy Allen, a young singer/songwriter and harpist from Totnes. This too combines both recorded music with live, responsive musicianship and singing.

If the group of dancers are willing, some evenings have more of a movement meditation mood; being immersed in the exquisite sounds from the piano or the harp, people can drop deeply into Self. Come the end of the evening, people often feel quiet and after say they have been on a nourishing inner journey.

Listen to some of my mixes on my Mixcloud page

Robert Moore