Totnes Dance Collective

working collaboratively for conscious dance in totnes

Totnes Dance Collective is a unique circle of local experienced dance teachers and facilitators that include 5Rhythms®, Movement Medicine, Soul Motion, Open Floor, Music-Led Dance plus other approaches within the 'conscious dance' genre.
This long-standing Monday night drop-in dance, offers a welcoming evening: doors open from 7.15pm, the class begins at 7.30pm and ends by 9.30pm at the Civic Hall in Totnes, Devon in south-west England UK

The Totnes Dance Collective draws on local Devon-based teachers, plus, on occasions, visiting founders of some other modalities.

The large dance area is open to everyone curious to explore movement and connect with others through unstylised dance in a non-verbal, alcohol-free environment. You'll discover an inclusive space where kind acceptance and respectful practice go hand-in-hand with whatever arises in each moment. Dancers of all ages - from their early 20's to their 70's - come together to enjoy each other and the music in a unique way. It can be an ecstatic dance atmosphere!

We believe everyone is a dancer regardless of age, shape, size, experience or ability and people love moving at their own pace without any moves to learn. The many benefits include:

  • regular exercise each Monday evening throughout the year
  • enjoying the freedom of your moving body
  • moving with your internal and external world
  • connecting with others and experiencing being accompanied in movement
  • integrating the wider web of life and the elements we are made from
  • discovering support in making healthier choices for yourself and the world
  • have a sense of ecstatic dancing
  • a sense of well-being through life-enhancing movement and engagement
  • dance barefoot or with soft-soled shoes

The Totnes Dance Collective is a dynamic and evolving community-focused initiative. The inspiring local teachers each bring their own style and leadership and there are many ways you, the dancers, can be involved and support the thriving dance buzz centred around Totnes in south Devon.

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Our protocol and guidelines can be viewed here: Protocols

The Totnes Dance Collective is managed by a Steering Circle that comprises of 7 people: 3 who are teachers and 4 who are regular dancers.
To contact the Steering Circle send us an email - address below