Leela Fisk

Leela apprenticed & certified to teach the work of Arjuna Vinn Martí - US performer, choreographer & founder of Soul Motion® conscious dance practice. She loves to share play - treasuring the unique creativity of each dancer, and the co-creativity of feeling the dancing room through the eyes of heart. 

She first taught conscious dance regularly on the movement schedule at the pioneering Esalen Institue, California, from 2010.

In 2012, she grounded in Totnes, and has led community dance sessions and workshops with devotion through the changing times. As a mother and a partner, she continues to evolve the varying groups in response to experiences, including mothering, the pandemic, and our collective needs for the village. She founded local community group Movement for Life to deliver accessible movement activities.

She has continued with Soul Motion school as a mentor for leader & teacher apprentices. She delights in learning in improvising environments and has studied extensively with Anna Halprin’s lineage, Adam Benjamin and other improvising movement mentors who she regularly brings to town to share workshops. In her personal movement practice she learns deeply from moving in water.

For information on Leela’s Friday groups, trainings & workshops please check here: leelafisk.com and for women’s and family events that she runs please check Movement for Life here
All events can be booked via: https://bookwhen.com/moving-together

Both time and space come to the forefront of my awareness while dancing, and afterwards, I feel the vibrancy while walking through the streets, the fields or ocean - it's remarkably simple but something I seem to have once overlooked.
Ever since discovering improvised dance spaces, I have felt relieved and reassured to step in, not knowing what will happen, and instead surrender to sensations and playfulness. It feels to me, that our group dance explorations unravel the magic of co-creation.  We open physically into more spacious and creative ways of relating.  

I’ve learned as a parent to find small doorways into dance. I continue to notice tiny yet vast moments of enlivening my body and listening to the world in movement, and I carry the dance floor lessons into my awareness - primarily, that there is never anywhere to start but here.     Leela

"I have enjoyed every minute of your classes, no matter what state I was in. I have found the enquiries very engaging and I always drop into some form of timeless movement presence, which is very beautiful." David Ellis