Guidelines for Dancers

Please read the Protocol page in addition to this page

Please find and enjoy your own way to be in your body, in the space and in movement.
Even if your dance is quiet or slow try to stay in awareness of movement, or stillness, and keep giving attention to your body.
Please stay hydrated by drinking small, regular amounts of water.
We suggest you bring your own reusable bottle to re-fill from the water provided.
Dancing in socks is not advised for safety reasons.
You can wear soft-soled shoes to dance in if you prefer.

Please try to stay to the end of the dance and any closing circle. We understand that people sometimes need to leave early, please let the facilitator or a Space Supporter know if you are leaving. Your presence matters to the group.

At times the facilitator might invite you to dance with someone else, or in a group. It’s important that you trust yourself and follow what feels right for you. You can end a dance at any time you need, by moving away. A simple, respectful gesture to clarify you are going can help.
Some dancers choose to be in physical contact with each other, this is not a requirement. Please be clear in your body language if someone approaches you and
you prefer to dance by yourself or without contact.
Our intention is that this is a safe space in which we can explore moving and dancing alone and in relationship with each other. Sometimes this can be playful and intimate.
For this to work, we all need to be respectful and sensitive to each other’s differing needs.
We are sometimes invited by the facilitator to be a supportive witness to other dancers or the space, this is different to passive spectating and can be an enriching part of the practice.
People have emotions in the space and that’s OK. As dancers we are not here to rescue each other, sometimes people simply need space to be with whatever is arising for them. There are trained supporters in the space who may take a more active role if that is needed.
Please remember human beings all have different needs, comfort zones and edges.
Know and hold your own boundaries, and be sensitive to what others might or might not be open to.

As well as the Teacher/Facilitator there are dancers in a support role each evening: they can be identified by the blue-green wristband that they wear
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to approach one of the Space Support dancers. If you can’t find them please approach the door person or facilitator.

We seek to hold welcoming, inclusive and enjoyable spaces.
If you have feedback or suggestions, please let us know in a friendly, constructive way