How it works

Welcome! If you're coming along for the first time or haven't been for a while these FAQs are for you.
Please also read our Protocol page

What is conscious dance and how do you do it?
  • Every Monday the teacher/facilitator will invite you to bring your attention to certain aspects of your movement, thinking or your body. These invitations are just that - you can carefully follow the guidance or you can simply do your own thing. Interaction and any physical contact is your choice. All you have to do is listen and move in whichever way you feel moved! Sometimes there can be noise from people expressing their emotions - this is OK.
How much does it cost and do I need to book?
  • Entrance for the evening is now based upon what you afford: see the Calendar page for details.
  • Most people now regularly come without booking in advance and pay cash on the door - this is our preferred method.
  • If you need to pay by card then we prefer a bank transfer: our account details are on the front desk.
    Alternatively send an email (our email address is in the blue background section at the bottom of this page) to request the details.
What should I wear?
  • Wear whatever feels comfortable and allows you to move freely and uninhibitedly. Layers are recommended as you will find your body temperature changes depending on your level of activity. The majority of people dance barefoot. Socks can be hazardously slippy so if you do not want to dance barefoot we suggest wearing soft-soled dance shoes. In chilly weather the uninsulated floor can be cold despite heating, so this would be the time to wear soft-soled shoes.
What time does it start and can I drop in at any time during the evening?
  • The doors are open from 7.15pm for the 7.30pm start.
  • The doors are closed at 7.40pm for the collective privacy and security of the dancers and the space.
    We ask that people arrive within the 25 minute window to minimise disruption.
  • The class ends at 9.30pm - please say to the end
 Are drinks and seating available?
  • Bring your own bottle for water. The space is an alcohol-free zone and there are no hot drinks available. Chairs are not placed on the dance floor except in the event of someone requesting a chair due to an injury or other specific reason. If you wish to lay down we suggest you bring a sheepskin, rug or something similar - the wooden floor can be cold.
Is there somewhere to leave my bag and coat?
  •  Bring your belongings into the hall and leave them on the floor where they will be in sight of you. If you accidentally leave something behind you can be reunited with it via our Lost Property display available by the entrance door every Monday night.
Are there toilets available?
  • Yes, there are several male and female toilets at a lower level as well as a disabled toilet by the disabled access at hall level.
Can I chat to people in the dance space?
  • This is part of our Protocols: that inside the hall itself remain a non-verbal space as this is movement mediatation practice. You are welcome to chat and greet others in the entrance lobby of the hall. Some go to a nearby pub after the dance to enjoy the joys of getting social!
Is there parking or public transport nearby?
  • There is free parking in the Civic Hall carpark, Heath's Nursery car park or Totnes High street from 6pm onwards. Totnes Train Station is a 10-15 minute walk away. There are also willing people offering lifts if you need local transportation at the end of an evening's dance.
How can I be involved in the collective?
  • We have a rota of helpers each Monday to create the 'altered space', staff the door, prepare the hall, and pack away.
  • Volunteers receive free admission and have the satisfaction of contributing to something special!
  • If you want to get involved you can find out more here.
Can I advertise what I do at the Collective?
  • Leaving of flyers is no longer something that we offer (other than for Monday night teachers). The reason is because it got out-of-hand with the amount of time involved each evening managing the mass of flyers left.
Can I share a practical request such as needing a lift or looking for somewhere to live?
  • Speak to whoever is holding the evening, or one of the spac supporters (identified by the wearing of a fabric wristband), about this and we'll do what we can to help.
Can I bring my child along?
  • By prior arrangement only. This is very important: you MUST check before the evening. Having a child in the dance space subtly affects the dance. This evening is not generally considered suitable for children - some teachers and dancers feel it is not a space for a child. Occassionally, at the discretion of whoever is holding the evening, a single child is allowed. You need to check in about this at least two days before the actual evening.