Protocols for Monday night dances

Welcome to the Totnes Dance Collective
Please read the Guideline page in addition to this page


We are happy you are here and we hope you enjoy dancing with us.
We believe that everyone is a dancer, and we welcome all bodies.
To dance with us, this is what we ask of you.

Please follow these protocols in service of the wellbeing and enjoyment of all.

This is a participative community dance space. We ask you to join in and not be a spectator.
This is distinct from witnessing (see guidance).
Please stay to the end of the evening if possible for you.

Please don’t talk on the dancefloor.
If you need to have a conversation please go into the foyer.
This is a non-talking space, with the exception of the guidance by the facilitator and the support team.
If you want to greet people and connect please use movement, gesture, eye contact, etc.
No talking on the dance floor does not however prohibit dancers from making sound!

Please respect: yourself, all other dancers, the space, the practices we offer and the people holding the session.
This is a space to dance. It is not a space for predatory behaviour or non-consensual touch.
Please remember human beings all have different needs, comfort zones and edges.
Know and hold your own boundaries, and be sensitive to what others might or might not be open to.

Our dancefloors are drug-free and alcohol-free.
Please do not attend if you have been drinking or consuming conscious-altering substances.

Please turn your phone off for the dance and leave it away from the dancefloor
(unless you need it on for care-giving or health reasons).
Please don’t take pictures or video in the space, or Shazam, at any time.

Thank you for your consideration
If people are not following the protocols of the space whilst here, a team member will bring a respectful reminder/request. Only as a last resort will we ask people to leave the space.

If you want clarification, have any questions, or have an issue you would like to discuss, ask the facilitator or one of the space supprt people, or contact from the TDC steering group:

Enjoy your dance!
Amba, Kirsty, Mark, Michael, Robert, Rosie of the Steering Circle