Etiquette for Monday night dances

Welcome to the Totnes Dance Collective

We hope you enjoy dancing with us; to ensure the best environment for all, this sheet sets out some simple guidelines and points of information.

  • It is important that you take care of your body and any physical needs and injuries.
  • Please stay hydrated by drinking small, regular amounts of water.
  • We suggest you bring your own bottle to re-fill from the water provided.
  • Dancing in socks is not advised for safety reasons.
    If you wear shoes, please make sure they are non-marking.
  • Apart from the guidance of the facilitator, this is a predominantly non-verbal space.
    If you need to chat, please do so outside of the dance space.
  • Where possible, turn off your mobile phone.
    If you need it on, please put it on low volume. Do not take photos of dancers.
  • We ask you to participate and not to be a spectator.
  • This is an alcohol and drug free zone.

Moving with others:
Sometimes the teacher will invite you to dance with another, or in a group.
It’s important that you trust yourself and follow what feels right for you. You can end a dance at any time you need, or if you want to move on.

Our intention is that this is a safe space in which we can explore moving and dancing in relationship with each other.
Sometimes this can be playful and intimate.
For this to work, we all need to be respectful and sensitive to each other’s differing needs.

Some dancers choose to be in physical contact with each other; this is not a requirement. Please be clear in your body language if you prefer to dance by yourself or without contact.

We are sometimes invited by the facilitator to be a supportive witness to other dancers: this can be an enriching part of the practice.

If you want clarification, have any questions, or have an issue you would like to discuss, ask the facilitator or one of the following people from the TDC steering group:
Harmony - email:
Mark - email:

Enjoy your dance!
Hamid, Harmony, Kirsty, Mark, Robert, Rosie of the Steering Circle