Links - other modalities

Note: although this page was edited July 2023 some links may be out of date.
Mentioned below are those that I know who hold dances, starting with members of the Totnes Dance Collective in south-west England.
Compiled and edited by Robert Moore

Christian de Sousa Devon - link

David Ellis: has a Facebook group called 'Dance on Earth: 5Rhythms with David Ellis'

Jo Hardy Conscious Dance - Jo teaches some Monday evening classes in Totnes

Kay Chambers: a regular Monday morning 5 Rhythms class at South Brent Village Hall. 07807 292 289 for further info.

Leela Fisk: runs several classes a week and a community dance teacher training, all local to Totnes - link

Robert Moore: weekly Sunday morning dances with most held outside - Music-Led Dance

Rosie Perks - Movement Medicine - local ongoing groups on Thursday evening (women), Friday mornings (all genders) & Sunday evenings (all genders, plus weekends,  longer workshops and individual support & mentoring

Kirsty Hurd-Thomas - Shiatsu. A member of the Totnes Dance Collective Steering Circle, Her Shaitsu website

Emma Roberts - Shaping the Invisible - "my work has moved away from any particular form or practice"

Jamus Wood & Lee Bolton - Embodied Presence

Adam Griffin - Friday morning class every two weeks - Deep Dive Dance

Barefoot Dance - Exeter-based — Wednesday evening dances that alternate between peer-led and guest teachers


A Call To Dance - a weekly 5 Rhythms dance in north London (NW5) and other events offered by Sue Rickards